Garden Upgrade

Today I decided to finalize my hydroponic garden setup. I got a timer for the lights and fan to make my life easier. This allows the plants to be on a perfect day/night cycle without me having to worry about it. I also took some cuttings of peppers from my Dad’s garden, and one from the healthiest looking tomato plant from my own garden. I am very impatient, so I feel like starting half the garden from cuttings will speed the process of growth up and give me the results I want a lot faster. I’m still learning about hydroponics everyday, but is it becoming quite an addiction for me. It’s also getting chilly outside, so I brought in my basil plants to the warmth of the fluorescent lights. I lined the walls with aluminum foil to reflect the light, and the whole setup is pretty sweet. Last but not least, I got a great deal on a refill pack for my Aerogarden, it’s the type you can plant whatever type of seeds you have. I decided that spinach looked easy enough and would work well in that setup. Soon my whole house is going to be full of plants that will provide us with fresh produce to eat. Tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, basil and spinach so far. I keep wanting to plant more and more, but I’m going to wait and see how everything I have on the go turns out first.



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  1. Stella would be happy to test out your spinach. :). Question- are all the vegetables you are growing organic? May sound like an easy answer type of question, but I know nothing of hydroponic gardens and you’ve been studying them with such fascination. 🙂

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