Adventures in Hydroponics

I finally have my entire setup for my super-fantastic garden of the future! Using hydroponics technology! Today I made the run to the hydroponics supply store to grab my nutrients, PH tester, rock-wool and lighting for my garden. It was a little sketchy, a lot of people there were obviously not growing tomatoes like I am. Regardless, I’m not here to judge. Hydroponics gets a bad rap because it is used to grow marijuana, the reasoning is that it works. But the same techniques can be used to grow almost every other vegetable. My plan is to grow things I eat in the winter, instead of buying the crappy, overpriced produce from the grocery store. I spend about $100 total for everything, making this weekend project cost a total of about $130 so far. I decided on getting fluorescent grow lights as I’m not looking at turning my whole basement into a hydroponics farm and don’t want to use too much power. I am using the empty closet in my basement, as it already had the rail I am hanging my light from, and a desk to put the garden unit and supplies on top. I’m still learning about all the intricacies of how to make sure I use the right amount of nutrients and light to be successful. Regardless, it’s up and running so well see in a week or so how its going! I’m starting with 8 plants, tomatoes and peppers.

Here’s a fascinating look at how Hydroponic Lettuce is grown:

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