Kim Kardashian vs. Old Navy with a splash of Sears

Believe it or not, the Old Navy commercial below is the reason for a $20 million dollar lawsuit against Gap Inc. (their parent company), by Kim Kardashian and Co. Why you may ask? It seems that the woman looks very similar to Kim. Ok, yes she does. Should it be illegal to have the same body type, hairstyle, facial whatever? In my opinion no. Since Kim, Khloe or one of the other people in the family that all look like each other as well, have a clothing line coming out with Sears, it may create confusion for the brand. To be clear, this campaign aired in January, as in 6 months ago. I find it difficult to remember a commercial I saw 2 hours ago on Big Brother let alone this music video from January! Side note: Is Sears really on the radar for the target market of people who like Kim and Co?  Anyways, I’m ashamed I am even wasting time on this but take a look at the ad below.  It’s a catchy song. At least we know one thing is true: this woman would never be caught in anything from Old Navy!

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