Hello Employment!

Today was my very first day at my brand new job as the Social Media Coordinator/ Writer at a great communications company right near where I live. It was a pretty packed day, with a couple of meetings scattered here and there. It’s a lot of information to take it, but this is the exact type of place I have been trying to get my foot in the door with for about 2 years. The highlight of my day was sitting with the team and going over what companies that had sent us RFP’s (request for proposals) to gain their business. We were discussing strategy, concepts, ideas, campaigns, research etc. I was in complete heaven! So far so good. There are many factors involved in why I can tell this job is going to be perfect fit, including the following:

  • 15 Minute drive from home (suck it 401 and GO Train!)
  • Small company, meaning lots of opportunity to work on many projects
  • Passionate, driven and focused team
  • Learning new things everyday
  • The best part is that this job is so new the opportunities for advancement are endless

The best part is that we are gearing up for the busy season, meaning I doubt there will ever be a dull moment. (Flash forward to me pulling out my hair in a months time!)

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