Kokanee Commercials

Over the weekend Craig and I drove up to Canmore to visit Kelly, a friend of ours from Disney. We got up to the usual shenanigans of being ridiculous and laughing a lot. Canmore is about 1.5 hours west of Calgary and it literally looks like a postcard. Giant mountains and amazing views. Kelly’s place has a view you could only see in a Kokanee commercial. You can literally sit on the deck and see the campfire, stream, trees and mountains all straight in front of you. The weather wasn’t amazing at first, but both days it cleared up enough for us to go hiking. Saturday we hiked up to these gorgeous lakes near the halfway point of one mountain. They were blue-green and just asking us to jump in. But they were freezing so we didn’t. It was a tough go as I am not in shape and realized this after being so pumped about going up the mountain. Kelly’s roommates were having a BBQ and fire when we got back, so we stayed there for some beers and entertaining people watching. Have you ever seen someone so drunk they almost fall into a campfire, twice? We did. On Sunday we hiked up a creek to a spot that still had sheets of ice that blocked the way. We drank the delicious ice cold glacier water and as we did these were told about Beaver Fever by some random hikers. Thanks dude, but were thirsty. Happy to say I’m fine today. We left in the early evening and then went to see Super 8 at the Cineplex. The movie was great, the ending was only ok. I’d still recommend seeing it. On another random note, it stays light out here forever. It literally gets dark around 10:30pm or so. It’s incredible.

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