Scream 4 Review

After waiting for the weekend crowds to dissapate, I went with my brother this afternoon to see “Scream 4.” Of course I’ve heard mixed reviews and was apprehensive about another sequel from this decade and a half old franchise. I was happily surprised that it was a great movie, not perfect, but definitly a must see for hardcore fans of the originals. There were some great scares, and it was nice to see the trio of Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox and David Arquette on screen again after all these years. The opening was great as it poked fun at all the previous films with tongue in cheek dialogue and some great cameos. What really struck me was the fact that many moviegoers seeing this film most likely were still in diapers when the first films came out, meaning any and all references to “the rules” or any characters from the previous films must have been lost upon them. This is the part I liked the most, kinda like being in on a joke between friends. There were also so great kill scenes that were similar, not the same, as from the first film. Also, the dialogue was very Kevin Williams like, making the film seem familiar even though it was new. Overall, I would give this film a 8 out of 10. The ending was slightly predictable, but at the same time a big surprise. Well done Craven and Co.

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