Another day, another job interview.

Today was my interview for a position at the (see above) Store. I applied over 3 months ago, so it was great to hear something last week about the hiring event they were holding near Yorkdale. As I usually do, I hopped into my car and drove to Toronto. Spent a few hours at the mall, then finally over to the Holiday Inn where they were holding the interviews. As I entered, I realized this was yet another group interview. It seems the new trend with companies is to thin the herd by having us (the applicants) interact with each other while they take notes on how we play together. The hiring event was pretty typical: all the hoopla of how great they are, what talent (the new term for employee these days) they are looking for. What I found interesting was they had us talk to our neighbour and ask them questions, then have us present them to the group. Essentially selling your partner instead of yourself. After more cheery excitement, we were broken into groups, given a customer profile and as a group had to come up with Apple solutions for him/her. We had 7 minutes to do this, then three minutes to present. Of course it was hectic, but as I usually do I took a leadership role and tried my best to let everyone speak their piece. When it came time to present, I simply said I’ll do the intro, and quickly assigned each person to a section. We executed our 3 minute spiel flawlessly, and our was the best in my opinion. Seriously. After that, we filled out the standard application form and went on our merry way. They should get back to us within 48 hours. How do I feel? Not sure. I did the best I could in a group setting, putting my hand up and participating as much as they would allow. So fingers crossed. Interestingly enough, there were only 3 females there. I wonder why?

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