Happy New Year….aka no more using Xmas as an excuse to be lazy!

Alright everyone, it’s 2011. The year I’m going to make it. I’ve spend a few weeks randomly applying to jobs in hopes that someone will take the bait. I must admit, I’ve accomplished more than I expected over the holidays. It’s kind of frustrating this time of year, as it seems the world shuts down. You can’t get in contact with anyone and it seems like your all alone. Well, this is the week that all changes. It’s full speed ahead for 2011. I have an updated resume, but it still needs work. Now onto this portfolio thing. I have been looking over my past pieces and decided they aren’t horrible, but aren’t that great. They need a little nip, tuck and maybe some liposuction to make them “sing” as they say in the business. In the meantime while I rework my entire portfolio, I will be making any attempt to get into the account side of the business. My theory is that any role in an agency can get me to my dream job of being a creative. Also, I will be finally watching Mad Men, also known in the business of research. The great thing about being a “creative” is that watching tv, surfing the internet and lounging around thinking can all be considered work. Maybe I’m going to make it in this business after all.

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