The Commons Experience

Living in this place called the Commons has allowed me to see many things that are not ordinary in the outside world. Anyone who has lived here can attest that we live in what is commonly referred to as “the bubble.” A place where walking past a group of French Castmembers dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters on a Friday night is ordinary. Or where the chants of the international drinking teams can be heard throughout the property on a Monday night. Where else does security threaten your very existence in this country, and can decide your fate with the seizure of a plastic ID card. This place is special. It’s an experience very few little people will ever know or understand. Aside from each job we perform here at Disney, the living experience is THE experience. Neighbours are from all over the world and there is always something, whatever that may be, to do. Whether its drinking and watching Are You Afraid of the Dark on Youtube, or drinking down at the pool until security kicks you out. Or drinking around the world, or drinking at the pub around the corner. Now that I mention it, drinking is one of the most popular activities here. Now in the real world, drinking is usually only acceptable on weekends and events involving food. Here, it’s commonplace to get wasted on a Tuesday with your best  friends, simply because you can’t find anything else to do. Of course it’s done responsibly, and no one is driving. There are plenty of other things to do here other than drinking, but I’d say it’s the most common. I mean, most of us look at this as a 1 year vacation when we occasionally have to go to work. Therefore vacation= drinking. As the months pass and my time to depart seems to creep up each day like a mosquito that I can’t swat away, I will cherish the fact that I have had 2 opportunities to live in this out of the ordinary, sheltered from the real world environment. It’s not wonder that once you meet another person who has worked on the Cultural Rep. program, you have an instant bond and understand so much more about that person in an instant. That, my friends, is pure magic. Long live the Commons!

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