Disney Adventures, Rain and Jellyrolls

Last night was one of the most random, fun and exciting I’ve had in a long time. It started with me being bored and Alana coming over to my place. We decided to go to Fantasmic, and invited Steph Rose. Of course, drinks were involved so we headed over to the bus. On the bus there was this random guy who started talking to us. Trying to be nice I went along with it, which was the worst possible thing I could have done. He ended up following us to Hollywood Studios so I had to come up with a gameplan to get rid of him without being a jerk. He didn’t seem to be all there, so I didn’t want to be mean. I remember him saying he doesn’t like rollercoasters, so we told him we were headed to Rockin Rollercoaster. I was dumb and when he asked for my number to text me and meet up at Fantasmic, gave him the real thing. So he stays beside us at Fantasmic, then we decided to leave to go to Jellyrolls. As were taking the boat, I come up with a plan. I text Phoebe and tell her to call me. I pretend that she invited us over to the Swan and Dolphin  and that we have to go. We hop of the boat, go to Jellyrolls and have a great time. Until we decide to go over to Atlantic Dance Hall. We grab drinks, then head to the dancefloor. I turn around and guess who we see!!!! We run away to near the bathrooms and come up with a gameplan. We hide in the broom closet and chug our drinks, then head back to Jellyrolls where luckily we don’t see him again. Stage 5 clinger was finally gone. Overall, it was a great night, but having someone follow you around when your trying to give them hints to peace out is really annoying.

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