Ellen in Orlando

So sorry for the lack of updates. I’m lazy.
On Sunday I went with Jacky and Rheanne to see Ellen Degeneres tape her show at Universal Orlando. I heard she was coming here about a month and a bit ago and managed to get standby tickets. We got there super early (like 8:45 am) which is way to early to do anything in my books. There were already hundreds of people there. As we walked into Citywalk we got to see Rascal Flatts have their soundcheck! Amazing. We ended up waiting almost five hours in the standby line while waiting to see if we could get in. It passed pretty quickly though since we could see the stage and screens for the first show and watch Usher tape his pieces all from where we were sitting. We got Starbucks and Burger King and the time passed by. So around 1:30 they started letting people into the corral area for the show. As the line inched towards the guy hadning out the coveted “red tickets” we stopped. Seriously it took like and hour and a bit for them to let everyone in. We kept hearing people say they were almost out and blah blah blah. As we got the front, I showed my ID and the guy checked us off. He handed us the standby tickets, meaning we got into the actual show with seats! I was dying to go to the bathroom so I ran away to do my business. They then lead us from the Citywalk side to the waterfront stage side, after handing us Universal Ponchos and water. We sat and waited for a bit, until Tony and the other DJ started pumping the music and we all danced like fools. Finally it was time for the show. Ellen came out and everyone freaked out. They actually taped the show out of order, so Rascal Flatts was last and the intoduction and dancing at the beginning was in the middle. They had a game where people drop into water in the lagoon which Mario Lopez helped out with. The best part of the day, seriously, was when Ellen showed a video of her going with two boys into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to get a sneak preview. They didn’t show the new ride, but we got to see inside the line as well as some of the shops. They even got candy and butterbeer. The clip shows on Friday April 2 when the show actually airs. As the show was ending it started to rain and we rushed over to the Citywalk stage to watch Rascal Flatts play Life is a Highway and Unstoppable. Amazing performances. It literally downpoared the second they finished taping. We ran back into the parking a garage slightly soaked (thank you ponchos) and drove back home. I was exuasted but had a great time. I’ve wanted to see her show live before and am glad that the whole thing worked out. More exciting is Harry Potter in two months, as I hear the soft opening is near the end of May!

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