Epcot Voluntears Media Event

Today was quite eventful at Walt Disney World. Epcot was hosting the Give A Day. Get A Disney Day Press event and had many things going on. To start, they had Ty Pennington host an unveiling to 50 selected families of a sculpture made of canned foods. We headed to the park around 1pm, and that afternoon they trucked out all the canned goods from the event in a parade from the U.K. to China. It was pretty cool to see all that food was going to be donated to food banks in Florida. Chelsea was on the hunt for Joe Jonas, so I tagged along since I had nothing else planned that day. We popped over to the U.K. for a minute then noticed people at World Showplace taking pictures. I walked over and there he was, with Demi Lovato and Alyson Stoner from Camp Rock. I yelled at Chelsea to come over which took her a minute to realise who was there. She was excited and almost let out a scream until this random dude told her not to. It was pretty funny. We stayed there for a bit, then walked over to Future World to scope out where the private media event was taking place. They had a giant stage set up in front of the Fountain of Nations for the event. At 4pm, they closed off the whole main artery of the park, so we decided that sitting by the Fountainview Ice Cream place would be good. It was to the back right of the back of the stage, with a perfect view of the patio. We stayed there for a while until they came out to do sound check. They were only a few feet from us when they were off stage, so it was kinda cool. We were all freezing, but it was a fun day. I wanted to leave, but ended up staying until the event actually started. They had a band I forget play first. As they guys walked off the stage, the girls were screaming so they came over to the patio and jumped up and took pictures with people. Security was freaking out because people were standing on chairs and the walls of the patio. They said they would close it if people didn’t calm down. It was pretty crazy. Once they dudes from the band left, Demi and Joe came out to sing the world premiere song from the Disney Oceans movie coming out in April. The crowd went crazy. Near the end of the song, they had pyro shoot off the roofs of the Future World buildings, which scared us because it was unexpected, but was also really cool. Then they sang one of their songs from Camp Rock. After that ended, we took off to get out of the park and went home. I was exausted, but overall it was a fun day being in the middle of a huge event like that.

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