DisneyQuest, Throw-Outs and Surprise Parties

Last week Tracey and I finally had a day out at the Magic Kingdom and visited with Carolyn, our old manager from Le Cellier. She now works in MK as a manager on the East side for food and beverage. Tracey got pooped on by a bird, I got the spray and to say it was magical would be an understatement. We saw Dream Along with Mickey, which Tracey knows all the songs and choreography so I could have just asked her to perform it in my living room, but it’s better in the park. We had Dole Whips, rode Pirates and I dragged her into the Swiss Family treehouse which she hates, but I love. Overall it was a great day. That night I went to Ohana with about 15 others for Craig and Kelly’s last dinner, and we stayed out on the Polynesian Beach afterwards to hang out and enjoy the nice weather by the water. Onto this week. It’s been insanely fill of randomness. It started with a visit to Sun on The Beach in Old Town. This is the locale of my Halloween which I almost got arrested by Orange County Police. A huge group of us went for Craig and Kelly’s last time there. We all had a great time sipping on fish bowls of alcohol and making fun of all the sketchy people. This is most likely the trashiest place I’ve ever been. But as we all know, it’s not what you do but who you do it with. It ended up being a great night with no drama and no arrests. Just many hangovers and a long day. The beginning of the week was uneventful, so I figured I might as well pack my two days off full of fun. Today we started the day by going to Epcot for lunch at Le Cellier and saw Pierre Luc, Kelly and Craigs sign out at the restaurant. Afterward, we went to the Winter Summerland Golf Course at Blizzard Beach. We chose the winter side over the summer side of the course, as it’s freezing down here again. Following me beating Lyndsay and Amy at mini golf, we used our holiday pass at DisneyQuest. It’s an indoor interactive theme park. Bascially lot’s of video games, simulators and the like. We stayed for about two hours, but it flew by pretty quickly. My favourite game there was called Flaming Finger. It works by lighting up a path you have to drag your finger along in a specific time, the catch is the time speeds up as you near the end. It’s super hard, yet addictive. I popped over to Patterson to check out the Mardi Gras housing party and eat some free food. I’m now just waiting for Craig, Kelly and Pierre Luc’s throwout tonight.

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