Iced Tea Rage

Midway through my almost 12 hour shift at work, and after one of my tables had their 6th iced tea refill, I decided I had rage and wanted to make a quick note about it. For those Canadians that aren’t aware, down here in Florida and most of the US, fresh brewed iced tea is the norm. So when people order this stuff, you not only have to bring lemons, sweetener and a long spoon, but your stuck refilling them every five seconds. Seriously, I’ve had people suck it down before I even take their dinner order. It enrages me the gluttony that I see everyday. On that topic, our restaurant gives bread as part of the meal. The norm is 1 piece per person, yet I have to constantly do refills for people. This is on top of their 16oz Kansas City Steak, their Caesar salad and the Chocolate Cake they will also have. Seriously people, you wonder why your in an electric cart instead of walking!! Anyways, that’s my rant for the evening. Back to the magic tomorrow in the AM!

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