Disney Cruise: Best Vacation Ever

This past week I spent five amazing days at sea with my good friend Craig taking in all that Disney Cruise Lines has to offer. We drove out to Cape Canavaral on Sunday and enjoyed the many amazing things that are a Disney Cruise. Here are some of the highlights of the trip:

1) After we checked in at the cruise terminal, we got our photo with Minnie in the main hallway. We got onto the ship and walked into the main lobby where they announced our arrival. Our first meal was at Beach Blanket Bingo (or buffet, Bratwurst or something like that!)
2) Watched Camp Rock on the big screen on Deck 9. The movie seems so much better on a boat.
3) Took photos in our lifejackets.
4) Got photos with Goofy and Pluto on Deck 10, where they were hanging out.
5) Missed the emergency drill. Titanic style. We actually ended up missing it because we got confused as to when to go and what to do. Must have been the booze we were drinking prior to the drill. Anyways, we got a letter from the Captain telling us what to do and how we should have been there. Oops!
6) As the ship Sailed away the horn sounded like “When You Wish Upon A Star.” Pretty cool, until we relised that this is how they announce everything over the loud speaker. Started to get annoying.
7) We attended the Sail Away Party, which had all the characters and was a rocking good time. Got right into vacation mode and relised this was the coolest ship ever!
8) Watched the Golden Mickey’s show, which was very good with scenes from Aladdin, Toy Story, Snow White, Lion King, Cinderella, 101 Dalmations and many other films.
9) Met cool people at Dinner, also some randoms. Ended up haning with Christina (her brother was the DJ on the ship, and her mom. The others were strange and made dinner awkward.)
10) Lost Disney ID, Room Key and Visa overboard while having my Titanic moment. You know what I’m talking about. Anyways, my ID magically (and I mean that literally) was returned to me this morning right before we got off the ship.
11) Landed in Nassau and took a boat over to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. I was here a few years ago, but was really sick last time. We gambled the slots, and Craig taught me how to play Roulette. My favourite new game. I got addicted and won $75 before being responsible and quitting.
12) Craig wond Bingo and won $40 plus extra Bingo cards we never ended up using.
13) Toy Story The Musical: Awesome. Forgot I was on a cruise ship, again.
14) Awkward dinner at Tritons with Kath Bates, Sean Connory, Sun from Lost and random angry boyfriend. We keep hoping they won’t attend any more dinners.
15) Castaway Cay adventure: Crab races with our crap Francis, Lil0 & Stitch dance part. Drinks, more drinks. Met Jack Sparrow on the boat before dinner. Played Pirates trivia. Didn’t win.
16) Bailed on Palo reservations as we realised that that night was the Pirates In The Caribbean theme dinner. Totally worth it.
17) Pirates Deck Party- Danced and acted like fools. Mickey saved the day by swinging in from the upper part of the ship. Fireworks at sea. Most amazing thing I have ever seen. Forgot I was on a cruise ship again.
18) Drank rum since we were celebrating being pirates
19) Went to see The Princess and the Frog in the morning. Watched High School Musical on the big screen. Ate lots of food, drank more. Had our last dinner at Animator’s Palate, which was just okay. Funny thing is it was only us and then awkward couple. Longest dinner ever! Watched some TV, went to bed and had to go to work. the dream is over.
I must say that my expectations were really high for the cruise, and I was blown out of the water. Our room was beautiful, our attendant was amazing. Every little detail was there from the chocolates on the pillows at night to the hidden Mickey’s all over the ship. Nothing, and I am not exaggerating, was overlooked. They even had the characters gather in the lobby on the final night and sing the end of the Mickey Mouse Club theme song as Mickey shaped confetti fell from the ceiling. I can’t wait until my next Disney Cruise!

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