Everybody loves a Manatee

Yesterday Amy, Amanda, Chelsea and myself ventured out to Blue Springs National Park in Orange City to witness the Manatees in hibernation mode. This place is a natural spring that connects to the St. John’s River where the creatures normally live, but because it gets too cold in the winter they swim upstream to this spring. It’s one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I have ever visited. The water is crystal clear and the trees are gorgeous with the hanging Spanish Moss. There were literally hundreds of Manatees in the water, swimming and peacefully enjoying their lives. The place was super busy, we actually had to wait outside the park while people left. It’s one thing seeing them in a zoo or at The Living Seas, but out in the wild they are even more perfect. It was a great day and I would love to go back in the summer to swim in the waters. They close the swimming during the peak manatee season, as to protect the animals. We had lunch at Sonic, which is an old school burger place that you drive up to your own personal speaker and they take your order, then bring it out to your car. I know these were popular in the 1950’s, but for a Gen-Y kid like me, it was a whole new experience. Really strange! Anyways, I work two MID’s the next few days, then Sunday am off to the Bahamas on my very first Disney Cruise! I can’t wait.

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