The Real Orlando

Almost forgot about yesterday. After work I went downtown Orlando. Not the sketchy part, but the nice part I never knew existed. Brenden invited us over to his place in Orlando to show us the cool places that we never see. I must admit I was shocked that Orlando is such a nice city. One side is really ghetto, and the side he lives on is really nice with nice little shops and houses. Reminded me of the Beaches in Toronto or even downtown Guelph a bit. We had dinner a a rib place and had some beers. There was a whole group of us Canadians so it was a great time. We then went over to this tiny little bar and played pool and chilled. We kept putting music on the jukebox and had a great time. We all cabbed home around 2am and then I crashed as usual! I can’t wait to go explore more places down there.

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