The last of Christmas

Today Brittany and I ventured to the mall to brave the crowds as I attempted to buy a suit for Katie’s wedding in July. The mall was pretty insane, but I managed to get a suit jacket, pants and shirt at Express for $136.29 which was such a steal. The jacket’s retail price was over $200. Afterwards, I did boring things like laundry and stuff, but decided to pop over to Universal to check out the second last day of Grinchmas. Of course it was insane there, as expected. As I was waiting in line I kept hearing people complaining about how busy it was and why the lines were so long. Are you kidding me? Your in Orlando, which happens to be the top vacation destination in the world, during the peak season between Christmas and New Years. It’s never busier here. Every travel planner and book on the planet can tell you this time period is insane. Why the hell would you vacation now if you expect it to be stress free. In two weeks this place will be dead. Anyways, I wandered around IOA first and caught the live version of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas.” It was a good attempt, except it was shoved in between the Cat in the Hat Ride and the One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish ride. No seating, just sit on the groung or stand at the back. Why can’t they have it in the theatre they don’t use for anything over in Toon Lagoon? I’m sure most guests would agree that sitting on a bench would be much better. I walked though all the lands and spent most my time in Jurassic Park. It’s my favourite spot in any park I’ve been to. I really feel like I’m in the movie when I’m in the Discovery Center. I even got to see a baby raptor hatch for the first time. I also checked out Hogsmeade and every time I see it, it takes my breath away. There was a lot of progress on Hogwarts, plus I noticed at the side of the building what looked like a greenhouse going up. I’m assuming it’s part of the line, and maybe it’s going to be themed as the greenhouse from I think the second film. Anyways, I can’t wait until it opens. Until then I will enjoy IOA in it’s emptyness, as I know it will never be not busy once the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens. I also hopped over to Universal Studios to catch the Universal 360 show. What a dissapointment. I left halfway through so I didn’t have to deal with the crowds. They need to replace it, because it’s just movie clips with a bit of pyro and some music. Lame. Well that’s it for now. I work tomorrow (New Years Eve) so that should be fun, hopefully I can watch the fireworks with my tables if I have any!

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