Seaworld Christmas Spectacular

So the last few days have been slightly uneventful….other than going out last night and drinking too much at Cowboys. Story of my life. Anyways, I worked an AM today and decided to go to Seaworld to check out their Christmas offerings. First up as their Ice Skating show….which was really good. High production values, good Christmas songs and just a good way to get into the Christmas Spirit. I actually recognized two of the people as they were in the Snoopy Ice Show at Cedar Point that Nick and I loved so much back in the summer of 2005. After the ice show, I went to see Shamu Miracles, the holiday themed version of their whale show. Also spectacular! They had a gospel choir, great music and Shamu was jumping to the Christmas beats. They even had fire, and we all know how I love fire. Finally was the fireworks, which were a letdown. I also had their special Christmas Feast which included ham, turkey, rosemary bread, a drink, pumpkin pie, stuffing, salad and veggies for like $11. The food was actually decent tasting too. Tonight I’m off to House of Blues to say bye to my friend Brittany who is leaving her college program this week.

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