Thanksgiving…America Style

Lot’s has happened in the past few weeks. We went to the Patterson Thanksgiving Feast and it was disgusting. We had turkey, which conveniently had both dark and light meat on the same cut. Is that even possible? What the f? They didn’t even have pumpkin pie. Are we not in America? I mean isn’t that the foundation of this country? Anyways, beforehand we watched “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” starring Johnathan Taylor Thomas, aka JTT. It was my first Xmas movie of the season. Craig and I had a great time drinking and yelling at the TV over the stupid cliche things that happen. Over the weekend it was kinda boring, I had my last food running shift on Saturday with Francis (the assignor!) and am happy to move onto serving this week. I need to relearn the menu before my first training shift on Tuesday. I have today and Monday off, so today we went to Epcot to have some drinks and tomorrow who knows. Last night was Cowboys, which was a great time despite the people that bailed last minute. I love going and drinking free beer then attempting to line dance for the last hour or so. Also, our cab driver ripped us off and never showed at the end of the night despite us pre-paying the cab, so we ended up spending double what we should have payed. All in all it was a great night. Tonight I’m going to Howl-At-The-Moon so that should be fun. It’s a dueling piano bar that has 3 for 1 drinks on Sunday. Good times. Anyways, a longer entry is due in the next few days so don’t hate.

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