Busch Gardens

Today I went to Busch Gardens in Tampa as well as checking out the International Plaza Mall. I had never been to that mall and it’s simply amazing. They even had a Polar Express themed photo area in the center of the mall. The whole mall is very upscale, like Mall at Milennia. All the stores I like to shop in and also it’s close to the beach so I’m sure I’ll be back many times. I spend well over $200 at Hollister and Ruehl 925, but the sales were great so I don’t feel bad about it. Busch Gardens was awesome. Walk on on every attraction, plus we got to watch the employees clean up puke on Sheikra because someone lost their lunch. Good times. Overall it was a great day and helped me get my mind off the craziness of work. Tomorrow I’m not sure what I’m doing, but I am off again.

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