Seven Seas Lagoon Challenge

The past two days I have had off have been my favourite since I got down to Florida. Yesterday, Steph and I were planning on going to Magic Kingdom, but ended up getting a drink at The Wave over in the Contemporary Resort and deciding on doing a little drinking around the lagoon. Before we left The Wave, Steve and Chris of CBC fame were walking down the ramp there with their VIP tour guide. We couldn’t stop laughing because of the fact that of all the places to run into some Canadian celebrities would be on a random drinking day. We then took the monorail over to the Polynesian and had back-scratchers, which literally come with bamboo back-scratchers as the drink garnish. We noticed the couple of older people who were at the Wave were there and we joked with them that they were following us. They were very kind and had just gotten married a month ago and were here to enjoy the resorts and live life to its fullest. Next up was the Grand Floridian pool bar where we decided we should watch one of the movies on the beach, but it ended up raining so we went home and just had a low key evening in with some friends. Today, Alicia and I went to Islands of Adventure and had a blast. The parks were dead and I finally got to see the Harry Potter construction site. It blew my mind. I can’t wait until it opens because it’s huge and looks amazing already. We ate lunch at Mythos, which was fantastic except for our server who was on the slow side getting us pretty much everything. After going over to Universal to see Beetlejuices Rocking Graveyard Revue, I rode The Simpsons Ride for the first time and was quite impressed. They made it very funny and poked fun at Disney quite a bit. The themeing is great, it’s like your riding something at Krustyland. In the line they even have booths with LCD screens so it looks like the characters are in them and they talk and say random things. Very cool. Tonight the plan is for a bunch of people to head to Citywalk for 80’s night at the Groove, plus it’s hospitality night so it’s free. I’m hoping Citywalk will become the new P.I. Let’s hope. I think that’s it for now. I’m back to work tomorrow in my first tipped day as a food runner.

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