I’m a running, I’m a running for you

So I am now an official food runner. I just finished the last of my 3 exhausting training shifts and can now be tipped. It’s strange being a runner again instead of serving. Just two months ago I was working at The Keg and now I’m at Disney again. Side note, this may be all over the place as I am really tired so bear with me, at least I’m posting. Last week was my last of popcorn, which I had to work way too much. Thanks to people calling in sick, I got to close twice in a row. The good news was that the popcorn machine was broken, so it was simply the drink cart. It was also the last weekend of Food & Wine, which made it out to be a gong show. There were so many people wasted on the promenade I felt like the only one who was sober. I had to cut people off left right and center, and I was only covering cash for an hour. Another girl who was training some people actually closed the cart about 15 minutes early because she was so tired of the crazy drunks! I must say it was a memorable last shift. On Sunday I began running training, which really wasn’t needed as I have food run on 2 separate occasions this contract already. Whatever, I have to follow the rules. I find myself getting easily enraged as it seems like the standards have gone down. Example, no one leaves soup spoons or dessert spoons on the tables. I constantly have to get them for the guests. I will never forget my former manager Don saying to me and I quote “if you don’t drop off soup spoons before you take out your soup you’ll be pulled out of service so fast your head will spin.” I keep thinking that I am being a snob thinking that the standards have gone down, but other people share my opinion. I can’t wait to serve and bring my style to the place. Anyways, I just lost my train of thought and will post again soon. I have 2 days off now to recover and enjoy not working!

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