Don’t take candy from strangers

Well it’s been quite a week. First of all my phone decided not to work anymore down here in the US, so I am on the hunt to get a new one. I want to get a Metro PCS, which has unlimited everything for $55. I went to their store yesterday and it reminded me of the DMV. You walk in and a security guard hands you a number and your supposed to sit and wait until they call you. Problem was that there were 30 people ahead of me. So my plan was foiled, I will attempt to get a new phone today.

Ali, Desiree, Jo. C and I went to Citywalk on Saturday night and had a blast. We bought the party pass which admitted us into all the clubs and we got to sample the uniqueness of each everything. I think it’s a fitting replacement for Pleasure Island, and it’s free on thursdays if your work in the industry. All was great. Well, until Bob Marley’s where they wouldn’t let us in even though it was only 1:30am and they let other people in behind us. We were furious and I ended up calling Guest Services at Universal the next day.

In other news, last night I took my first and last trip to Blue Martini. I have heard about this place for years, so finally went to check it out with Ali, Steph, Jill, Jill-Lynn and Jo C. I wasn’t aware it was ladies night, so I had to pay $10 cover. All was fine and dandy until my bill came for the two drinks I had. $24 Apparently you have to be a girl to get the half priced drinks too! So I was a little irked, no ones fault but needless to say I won’t be back. The cherry on top of the cake was attempting to get home. I’ll keep it brief, but it involved us firing our original cab driver and getting our money back because he looked drunk and was 1.5 hours late, and us getting another cab home and having some issues with said cabby at The Commons where he followed us home. Let’s just say it was one of the most frightening experiences I’ve had in Orlando ever. Anyways, I didn’t get to bed until 6am and then had to work, where I was scheduled for another Culinary Day so I asked if I could leave and now I get to catch up on my missed sleep. Tomorrow is my Tower of Terror tour and I can’t wait. All is good and now it’s off to bed!

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