Best Day Ever

This past week has been amazing, fun, random and the best time I have had so far down here in the 32821. I’ve spent most of my time with Steph, Jacqueline and Deanna and it’s been laughs all the way. I didn’t really do much in the parks with them, except yesterday when we went to Hollywood Studios and saw Block Party Bash!! They were blah before the parade, then told me after that it was the best parade ever. I knew they would love it, it’s so upbeat and energetic. We also saw the High School Musical 3 show, rode Tower of Terror and Rockin Rollercoaster and The Great Movie Ride.

In the meantime I’m trying to get reimbursed for the omey I spent on my drugs to get better. I have all these forms to fill out and have made numerous calls to figure it out. They sure make it frustrating to get your money back from them. I feel like I’m jumping through hoops.
On Sunday night we all went to HOB, drank too much and were hungover yesterday. I decided that this contract I can’t be as crazy as I was last time. I guess drinking free booze at the hotel bar from 5-7 pm didn’t help out either.
I dropped Deanna off yesterday and Jacqueline this morning and it was sad to see them go. Lindsay and Kala left today too, so we had an Olive Garden dinner last night which was fantastic. I’m off to work now and still trying to find out the date I go into food running. Let’s hope Linda is working so I can find out for sure. That’s it for now, sorry for being all over the place but that’s life in the Commons!

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