Quick Update

So here’s my life in a nutshell now:

a) I have been sick, it sucks but I got drugs to make me feel better. I feel a bit better…almost there. Still makes me want to cry when I sneeze.
b) The muffler on my car just broke off on my way back from work tonight, so I need to get that fixed ASAP. I had my 4-ways on as I crawled down I-Drive, yet people kept honking and pointing. Yeah I know my car is broken stupids! That’s why my flashers are on! AHHHH!
c) I spieled, it went swimmingly, so now the waiting game begins of when I will be food running.
d) I hate popcorn, its too hot and some people suck at stocking (not mentioning any names.) Fill that damn cart until it can’t fit anymore beer and pop dammit. I sweat in places I didn’t know had sweat glands, and my breaks are never on time. 4 hours without a break makes me crazy..As you can see, popcorn rage is hitting it’s peak.
e) As for the social scene…I think I’ve only actually met 25% of the Canadians, as there are so many circles of people that do their own thing. Kinda sucks since I’m an all for one type guy. Whatever.
f) Lindsay, Kala, Steph, Deanna, Tracey, Jaqueline, Kerri and a plethora of other people are coming down this week and next. I can’t wait to see old faces with new faces and have a Disney Gong Show.
g) Canadian Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so the location is making us food. Good times with the Canucks!
In the meantime ya’ll, come find me on the Popcorn Cart. I’m the Lumberjack with the waterfall of sweat down my back.

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