Today was a fun filled one full of random adventures. It started with me going over to the outlets, not spending a dime. After that, Ali, Jo and myself went to Florida Mall. I broke off and had some Chick-Fil-A for lunch and bought a few things at Abercrombie. We rushed to Epcot to see En-Vogue, some early 90’s girl group that the girls knew all the songs too and well me, let’s just say I’m glad I had a beer in hand. We then rushed to Patterson for the Chinese Party where me met Mulan and Asian Mickey & Minnie. They had free food and drinks (non alcoholic 🙁 ) and even a quasi dance party. I was hot, so I suggested we jump in the pool in all our clothing which a few peeps did. Thanks Jill for being such a good sport, as well as a few of the Canadian guys. We attempted to take some underwater pyramid pics, which didn’t work out too well. Tonight I believe it’s off to Bennigan’s to send of a Canadian who got termed. I’m almost there with the menu and will be spieling on thursday, so tomorrow I will be cramming the rest of the stuff I don’t know into my brain.

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