$7 Faxes

The last few days have been crazy. Big surprise. I learned the greeting position, aka crushing people’s dreams. I forgot how much it sucks to tell people that they can’t come into the restaurant for dinner. “Unfortunately were fully booked” is what we say about 500,000 times a day. I also decided to ask when I can spiel. Janice said if Thursday was okay, so that’s when I spiel. I have most of the menu items down, it’s just a few that for some random reasons I can’t memorize completely. Anyways, it will go well. I am going to spend the next two days I have off (Wed & Thurs) making sure they are drilled in my brain.

On Saturday night we went to a party at Patterson for a bit, but had to leave at 1am because of the stupid sign in rules. We popped back to my place to grab some drinks and then walked over to the church, plopped down on the sidewalk and enjoyed the humidity until 4am.

In other news, last night we went to House of Blues yet again. It was a great time until afterwards when Chris and I went to get a bite to eat at Perkins and couldn’t get a cab home. We had to walk from Crossroads at 3:30 in the morning, so it was another late night.
On a final note, I needed to fax something home today and the tried to charge me $7 because it’s “international.” I said that it’s Canada, on the same continent and California is farther away than Ontario. They couldn’t figure how to dial out, so I was ready to hop over the counter at the CLubhouse to help out. Anyways, it got faxed out despite the frustration of it all.

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