Two days off

The past two days have been great. Yesterday I hung with Britney from Vista and we did Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure, a little Food and Wine stuff where I had Cheddar Cheese Soup in Montreal, Sushi in Tokyo and Crawfish gumbo or something in Louisiana. I grabbed a Sam Adams and we watched Startship starring Mickey Thomas at the American Gardens theatre. It was great seeing older people letting loose and having fun. Maybe too much wine and not enough food! A great day overall. Last night I hung out with Chris from the UK, we had a few beers then went and chilled at the pool with some other peeps. Today I went to Best Buy to buy my new digital camera, since my Kodak one is now dead. I got an Olympus Stylus 6000 that’s waterproof and drop proof. Good for those late nights when I like to drop things or jump in pools. Speaking of pools, Ali and myself spent a few hours at the pool enjoying the 33 degree temperature and studying the menu. Were off to Cici’s for dinner then will be partying it up somewhere tonight, as per usual.

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