Lack of sleep

Welcome to Canada, Epcot style!

Last night, despite being exausted, we ventured out to House of Blues. One of my favourite places to go in Orlando. We pre-drank at Ali’s house and then took cabs. We had a great time and as per usual I drank too much. I poured myself into bed around 2:30am and once again had to wake up to be at Epcot for 8am. The morning consisted of sitting infront of the computers at the Wonders of Life training center and doing the responsible vendor program so I can sell liquor at WDW. We then had a meeting with D.J., our area trainer, and I did my best not to puke all over the table as we discussed liquor laws and such. We then went to lunch, with a final stop over at Canada. We briefly met Christina, our area manager, and sat with Janice (one of the managers) for our overview of the location. We got our spiel books today, so Ali and I had a pow-wow and read over them a few times. We’ve set out goal as October 17 to be ready to speil. This menu is very different, with a lack of Canadian stuff. Many of the meals have tons of ingrediants, making them a little harder to learn. Anyways, were planning on having a major study day on Saturday because were off. Tonight I’m taking it easy and actually planning on going to sleep because I’m wiped out. No Ma’am can wait until next week!

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