Wishes in the rain

Disney Computer Training: My face says it all

Yesterday after the longest day ever of Traiditions, all of us new Canadians went over to the Magic Kingdom to watch Spectromagic and Wishes. All was well before the fireworks as we headed to get some Dole Whips. I needed the newbies to become addicted to them like me. About 5 minutes before Wishes, the skies opened up and poured down upon us. I wasn’t sure if they would cancel the firworks, luckill they didn’t. No one wanted to get wet, until I said screw it and walked out to the hub and stood in the pouring rain to see the show. Kari and Natalie followed and I must admit it was amazing standing in the awe of the castle and firworks in warm rain on a humid Florida night. We had such a good time, and made others laugh because we were jumping up and down outside the Dole Whip stand and acting like little kids. As we headed back to the parking lot, we decided to take the boat because there is no air conditioning and we didn’t want to freeze. It took forever to catch a tram but we made it back to Commons. Since it was Saturday, I headed with Jo, Jill and Jo’s Japanese roommate to Cowboys. What a great time it was. As per usual, I was trying to learn the line-dances as I went. I actually was pretty good at some of them, but most of the time I was just bumping into other people. I got into be around 3am, to be at Disney U for 8am for Food & Beverage Basics. We stopped at McDonald’s at Crossroads on the way home, which was mental. The guy in the drive through wa pretty much yelling that all they had were dollar menu items and they needed to get ready for breakfast. They forgot what our order was once we got to the window. They were pretty crappy. Anyways, then it was nother boring day at Disney U, but then we went to the SALSA sale. Spent a little, save a lot. Basically lots of discounted Disney merch. We headed to Downtown Disney to Earl of Sandwich for lunch, then I passed out and caught up on some sleep. Tonight were going to House of Blues as a big group, with pre-drinking at Ali’s. Once again, tomorrow is an early day. At least it’s Discovery Day and should be fun.

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