Last night I didn’t get to sleep until about 2am, as David and I went to Craigs to watch Halloween and meet some peeps. Today was my first day of being an official Castmember yet again. I had to wake up at 5:30am to get prepared and catch the bus to Disney University. It was the longest day ever. Although most of it was boring, I did get that strange tingle when they showed the sizzle video. The Disney Magic seeping into my system again. They did a good job of teaching all the Disney-ese and terms, as well as going through all the corporate boringess that the law requires them to. They were a little hyper for 8am, but we dealt with it. I’m now just getting set to head out with the Newbies to Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes and Spectromagic. Later on I may take an adventure to Cowboys, the country bar with free beer. I’m guessing tomorrow is going to be rough as I have Food & Beverage training at Disney U at 8am. I just need to adjust back into getting very little sleep and running on empty. Shouldn’t be long until I get back into the swing of things. I think that’s it for now. I’m actually surprised I’ve been blogging so much!

Here are some pictures from the last week or so. I’ll add more at a later date when I’m not lazy!

Traditions and the excitement of getting up at 5:30 am!

Traditions…..Part 2

At Bahama Breeze with Ali, David, Kari and Ali’s friend

Housing Check-In with Ali

The closed Florida Welcome Center…not so welcoming

South of the Border, letting out my inner Mexican

Ghost Tour in Williamsburg

My last BLT Bagel

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