Six hours in Winter Park

Today was our day off, so I got up early and had an agenda. I needed to clean my car so I drove over to Publix to get some supplies. I got lazy and drove to Shell in International Drive and did the drive through carwash. I decided to pop over to Seaworld to ride on Manta. To my surprise, my annual pass includes VIP parking right infront of the gate. I spent just under an hour and rode Manta (which is amazing), Kraken and Journey To Atlantis. Manta is beautiful and the line is amazing. They have tanks of fish and stingrays to look at while your waiting. If there is a line. Everything was walk on today! I headed back to Commons to go for a rollerblade. The girls were planning on going to the salon to get their hair coloured for Traditions so David and I decided to join them. What an event. Not only did the drive take 45 minutes, Kari’s hair had to be dyed twice and took 4 hours to redo. Also, as we were waiting a random dude came in and motioned me over. He wrote on a piece of paper that he was deaf and that he needed money for gas or a ride to his house to get his money. I was like what the F? Anyways, I spoke to him for a second then told him I can’t help him. Very random. Anyways, after 6 hours in Winter Park we are home and will be drinking to ease the pain of the day. Traditions is tomorrow and we need to leave at 6:25 am to make it to Disney University. God help me.

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