Sweet tea vodka!

Today after the the licensing office we stopped by my favourite liquor store on the planet, ABC. Wandering amoungst the rum and vodka I found sweet tea flavoured vodka. They have everything down here. It’s crazy. After picking up a 2 litre bottle of vodka, a bottle of watermlon Pucker and a sample size of the sweet tea vodka, my total was $23.45! Can you believe it, that’s half the price of what the vodka would be in Canada. God Bless the USA! Anyways, tonight is the throw-in which I am very excited about. Meeting all the Canadians will be fun. In the meantime, I’m just relaxing in my apartment. More updates soon…with pictures!

Orlando Rocks!

I finally have arrived in Orlando. We stayed at the new Hilton on International Drive and it was amazing. The past few days have been a whirlwind of crazyness, as Nick wanted to visit all four parks before he went home and we managed to do it. We actually went to Animal Kingdom first and ended up getting a VIP escort to the front of the park (via golfcart) versus taking the tram. I guess it’s one of the Magical Moments they have for the parking lot. It was great because we all wanted to get to the parks as fast as we could. I had to check into Commons by 12pm, so I went to Vista where I got a VIP check-in because no one else was there early! We then drove over to Commons to move me in, and to my delight I have been assigned a 1 bedroom apartment. How awesome is that!

Today was a whirlwind of stuff to do: first check out of the hotel and drop Nick off at the airport, then drive over to Commons for Housing Orientation. I met the Canadian’s in charge of the “Welcome Session” aka Throw-In, as well as some other Canadians and a few other nationalities. After the orientation was over, we decided a trip to Target was in order to get all the stuff we needed. Both myself and Jill (one of my fellow Canadians) drove us over and we spent almost 2 hours getting all out stuff.
Onto the evening…we decided to go out to Bahama Breeze for dinner and of course I had a Bahamarita…so refreshing. After that, we chilled at my place and I invited some people over to get to know them. Although I was exausted, they sugggested we go to Bennigan’s to meet more Canadians. Of course I couldn’t turn that down, so we drove over there. Tons of awesome people were doing the usual thing: drinking as much as they could! A few guys bought us drinks, so I handed my keys to Jo as she said she would DD back home. As per usual Commons bedtime, I went to sleep around 3am.
Anyways, that’s it for now. Today is another orientation and I have to get out the the DMV to get my Florida License.