Crazy Virgina

After the airport pickup we headed off to Princeton New Jersey to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. I managed to snag the room for $50 off Priceline. The drive to the hotel was insanity. Firstly our TomTom is crazy and doesn’t know where it’s going. Secondly, drivers in NJ are crazy. They go way above the speed limit and get mad if your going the actual speed limit. Nick was sweating after his turn driving, he was glad when we got to the hotel. After our 7 hour drive we arrive just before 9. We checked in and went up to the room. Pretty swanky. The rack rate is $500 per night. After all the driving we headed down to the pool and to relax in the hot tub. We spoke with some nice ladies from the state then headed to PF Changs for dinner. It’s been 3 years since the awesomeness of Lemon Pepper Shrimp has touched my tastebuds. After dinner we went back to the hotel and crashed.

This morning we stopped at Sesame Place to get my Worlds of Discovery season pass and went to McDonalds for breakfast. Were now on our way to Williamsberg to take in some American history and visit Busch Gardens Europe.

As we drove through Baltimore, we debated getting off the high way to find Charm City Cakes and say hello to Chef Duff. Sadly that wasnt on the agenda. Washington DC, on the highway we saw a sign that said agressive driver imaging in use for your safety…what the he’ll does that mean? Onto Virginia where we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for lunch, and my chicken sandwich was great. It was my first time and I couldn’t believe how busy it was. I asked the woman at the counter if it was the grand opening and she said this was a normal Saturday. Yikes! As we were driving after lunch we noticed the guy in the car beside us on the interstate was shaving and grooming his sideburns too! These Virginians are crazy mothers. Were now at the hotel, Summerhill Suites, and it’s amazing. We just checked in and are going on a Ghost Tour in Colonial Williamsburg after dinner. That should be great!

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