Waiting at McD’s

The morning began with me sleepily driving off into the sunset towards he holy Grail of breakfeast foods: McDonalds. This was after waking up at 5am to say bye to my brother before he went to work, and watch trashy tv with my mom for one last time. I think it was E Talk about the film fest, very pressing issues in the world. Anyways, back to brekkie.
Where I had my very last BLT Breakfast bagel for a whole year. To be honest, Im never really up early enough to get them, but today I figured I would. As I ordered my coffee, the lady asked how I would like it. I said two creams, two sugars. She corrected me by saying double double. Has America infiltrated my mind already? They don’t know what a double double is, and this was my last chance to order my coffee this way! Anyways, after that I ventured to the Duty Free store to get some exotic perfume my mom wanted, which will be shipped upon my arrival in Florida. Then the whole visa process occured. To my shock, the young guy at the border was friendly and talkative. It was so refreshing compared to my other border experiences with shall we say crabby ( to put it lightly) border patrol guards. After waiting inside to get my visa, I ventured to the airport. Instead of waiting in the cell lot, I’m sitting in McDonalds enjoying a McCafe Mocha, which to my delight, is fantastic! I’m jacked up on caffeine now and it’s amazing! My only wish is that the WiFi be free. Oh well. I think that sums up my morning for now, more updates to come.

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