Final Paycheck and Swiss Chalet Addiction

As a time killer until tomorrow, I decided to go pick up some last minute stuff before I’m off. Most importantly was my last paycheck from The Keg. I whopping $250.75 Yahoo! After that, I ventured to Walmart McDonald’s to have a quick bite and stock up on some essentials that they are lacking in the U.S. Kraft Dinner (check) Lay’s Ketchup and Dill Pickle Chips (check) and finally Swiss Chalet Sauce. I was planning on getting maybe 10 packages, but there were 22 so I figured I would clean them out. I’m thinking of bribing people with the sauce, or having a Swiss Chalet themed party with sauce flavoured drinks! (Eww, I know!) Anyways, back to my Veronica Mars Marathon and then spending some time with the family. Were down to 17 hours now!

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