The Keg…last day

Tonight was my last shift the The Keg on Dixon Road. It was a pretty uneventful night to be honest. It wasn’t very busy, and there weren’t any cool guests to talk to. It’s kinda bittersweet…I’ve wanted to leave for such a long time and yet it’s strange that I won’t be working there anymore. Most of the people I love to work with were there tonight, so it was great to be able to say goodbye on my last night. Even my favourite manager was working, so that was great too! I had a Rib Eye and glass of Chardonnay to top off the evening. It kinda felt like leaving Disney in a way, without the throw out and deportation part! Anyways, this week will consist of me packing and getting set for the road trip down on Friday with Nick. I can’t wait. Bring on the next chapter of my life!

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