Disney & Marvel: Worst Idea EVER!

So today Disney announced that they are planning on buying Marvel, the company behind Spiderman, The Hulk, Iron Man and many, many more comic book characters. I think this is purely driven by profit, and has nothing to to with creativity. Yes, Marvel has great stories and characters, but none of these characters fits anywhere in the Disney brand. Power Rangers doesn’t even fit within the brand, and yet you can still go see them at Disney Hollywood Studios or buy toys at The Disney Store. Even though they will most likely maintain Marvel as a separate business identity, it will still confuse consumers in the future. For example, Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando has Marvel Superhero Island, a part of the park themed to Marvel Characters. People already think that Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando are the same place and/or related to eachtoer, and now that Disney will own the characters they will essentially be Disney characters at a competing park. Will Universal lose the rights to use them, and have to totally re-theme that part of the park? Is this Disney taking a stab at Universal because they have the Harry Potter franchise to use as park property. I have no idea, I just think that this is a horrible idea and that down the road it will be seen as a mis-step on Disney’s part. It will be interesting to see what others in the Disney community think.

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