G.I. Joe Movie Review

Rock and Roll!
Here is my brief opinion on the movie: It ROCKED! I mean, seriously. I went in expecting the worse, and left in great excitement. Yes, the movie is cheesy, in-your-face, and over the top with really bad acting. As long as you go in expecting this you will survive. It’s a summer blockbuster, not a Shakespeare play.You will have a good time if you accept this. Sienna Miller is smoking hot, especially as a brunette. I will say that some of the FX shots looked really fake, but really what do you expect. This movie is based on a toy after all. Paramount did a great job with the film, there are a few shocking plot twists and great backstories to each main character. And if your asking, the ending does a great set up for a sequel to happen. As someone going in blind to the whole thing, it was one of the top films I have seen this summer. Even better than, dare I say it, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

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