Moving Day

Movin on Up!
So today I moved back to my parents place, so excited! No bills other than helping contribute to food and such. I mean, I am really only here for 55 more days until Florida. More importantly, I have my room as a storage space! I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff that I have amassed over the past 2 years at my place in Toronto. Needless to say, I spent well into the evening sorting things out. I still have about 8 boxes to get through, but most importantly my room is all set up. The TV and home theatre system also are good to go, I watched Fast and Furious tonight, BTW it sucked. Anyways, thats the update for today. Tomorrow were doing Cedar Planked Salmon on the BBQ for lunch, then I will work on the thesis and go to work. I have been craving food on the BBQ for so long, I never had one at my place in Toronto. Tis’ the life of a movie star!

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