Waking up late

Best observation ever
Today I woke up late for my internship. It’s funny because you know your late the second you open your eyes. You jump out of bed, look at the clock and panic as you realize you should be at work. You rush around the house in a haze, trying to figure out what you should be doing. It’s also great to realize that you have a 1-hour commute on the TTC in order to get to said work, therefore you better get your ass in gear fast. You hop into the shower, and try to get your business done ASAP. It sucks because you can’t even enjoy the shower like your normally do, standing in the warm water as your slowly become conscious. You simply hop in, hop out, then throw some clothing on while your still wet. You don’t have time to style your hair, you just throw a glob of gel up there and hope for the best. As you rush to the bus, you hope it doesn’t rush by as your waiting to cross the road. After you get off the Subway, for some reason everyone needs directions. Who actually stops a person wearing an iPod to ask questions? Isn’t that like waking someone who is sleepwalking? Anyways, finally I get into The Agency and apologize for the fact I am late the day after my birthday. I didn’t even stay out late! I mean I should at least have been out until 3am to at least make it worthwhile to be late, but alas not this time. Simply a forgotten alarm. Look at the chaos created by one little mistake. Kinda like The Butterfly Effect. Anyways, that’s my morning!

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