A saliva filled dentist trip

Don't forget to floss!
Today I had to go get a filling done, damn my lazy flossing. Anyways, the dental hygienist was such a flake. Normally they use the sucky thing to make sure your mouth doesn’t fill with saliva, but today she didn’t seem to care. As the dentist is drilling away at my molar, my mouth is filling up with my own spit. Gross, meanwhile she is beside me humming Nickelback tunes. Do your job. I’m sitting there drowning in saliva and she isn’t even paying attention. What could I do, my mouth is propped open with 50 instruments and there is a drill going at my tooth. Anyways, I think for some reason today I had abnormal saliva production, as they had to change the gauze in my mouth like 5 times. That was the day, FML!!

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