My Waiter Rant

Serving Sucks
Ok, so I have been holding back for quite some time about my pet peeves with serving in a restaurant. For those who don’t know me, I work in a casual fine dining style steak house here in Toronto. Very similar to Baton Rouge and a step up from Outback. We don’t have linen, but we do wear white dress shirts and ties, and the median price for a bottle of wine is about $40. What I don’t understand is how people can treat me like garbage and live with themselves. First of all, let me get this one out. If you can’t afford to tip, DON’T EAT OUT! It’s a simple rule. Now if you look at other serving sites, the figures about what to tip vary. Personally, 15% is great and anything more than that wows me. I appreciate great service and tip this when I am treated well. I know I am a good server and give amazing service as guest constantly tell me this. By no means am I trying to sound pompous or brag. I just wonder what the hell is wrong with people who get great service and then leave me a crappy tip. Tonight, I had a table who’s bill came to $241.47, there were six people and everything was flawless. They were laughing with me, all their food was timed right and came out beautiful. They left me $250, total. Leaving me a $8.59 tip. After my 4% tip out to the kitchen, I actually owed the kitchen $1.06. You see people, I have to compensate everyone else as well to bring you food. You leave me a shit tip, I lost money. It actually costs me money to serve you. What the hell don’t you get. Anyways, my point here is that if you have an exceptional server, a simple thank you is not enough. Tip properly and you will be treated well. How about you tell me what percentage you will leave me, and then if I screw up it lowers as we go. Then I am rewarded for giving you great service, and I lose if I do not. Apparently TIPS stands for To Ensure Prompt Service. Well, you got that from me when I ran out your 15th Pepsi refill in half an hour. Also, what is with certain groups being so cheap. I’m not going to get too specific, but you can definitely tell what your tip will be like depending on who’s sitting at the table. It’s true, face it. And that does not mean the service is lousy either, I actually try to give my best at each and every table. Honestly. Anyways, I’m getting lazy and will continue this rant another day. Point of the story, eat at McDonald’s if you can’t afford to have a nice meal with great service and follow the rules of dining out, instead of being an uneducated monkey waste of space piece of trailer trash trying to impress people and act all fly but really you are a selfish slob.

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