Official Florida Countdown….63 Days!!

Today I received my RBC Check Card, meaning I can now use debit and credit with one card!!! For those of you who have no idea what a check card is (notice the American spelling), or ALMOST every Canadian, it’s very similar to Interac. Except for the fact that you get to choose when you pay whether you want to use debit or Visa. Meaning, you can order things online with it, use it at places that don’t take debit ect. It makes life so much easier. Anyways, the nice lady from down south called me and asked if I wanted to get an American credit card too, I was like “hell yeah!” I guess since it’s RBC, they can qualify me based on my Canadian credit history, which is impeccable might I add. So no more paying stupid exchange rates and such! Can’t wait to hit the Florida sun!!!!
I like Lions....

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