Florida Countdown….67 Days!

So I seriously can’t wait now to go back to Florida. I have already opened my RBC US account, my check card should be here any day now. The excitement has begun. I’m getting really excited. I was on the fence for so long, but now 100% I am going!!! AHHHH, I can’t believe I get to live there again! All I need to do now is complete my internship at the agency and finish my thesis by August 14. After the end of August, I am free from all “real world” stuff for at least a year! Scary, exciting, random, unbelievable…..I can’t wait!
Natalie & Jase
P.S. I know these two in the picture, it’s my fellow co-castmembers Natalie and Jase. They did this photo shoot while I was down there!!!

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