Cheesy Movie Trailers

“Let’s put together a trailer consisting of a few key action scenes, the most laughable moments and a slick, highly recognizable song!” I swear this is the theory that goes into planning what content a movie trailer should have that will appeal to audiences these days. I for one, sit in the theatre grabbing for the vomit bag while I roll my eyes. Seriously, you have millions of dollars to market your movie and you throw it away with a crappy trailer? The first impression that someone has of your movie? In an industry that breaks all the rules, they seem to follow he same cliché’s at every turn. Today I went to see “Night At The Museum 2”, not that great BTW, and a trailer for a movie called “Aliens In The Attic” played, with “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background. This movie looks so stupid, but that’s the sidenote. My point being that they take any crappy movie and throw a fun, catchy song in the trailer to market the damn thing. I mean the song has nothing to do with the movie anyways! AHHHHH! It’s so frustrating. This is only a brief example, but there are tons that I’m sure all of you could point out. Anyways, that’s my rant for the day. See trailer below.

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