“Dollhouse” Renewed! Plus I HEART “Fringe!”

Can I just say how happy I am that Fox gave Joss Whedon’s amazing TV show “Dollhouse” another chance for next fall. Seriously, a great show that is different amongst the clutter. May I also mention that I have jumped on the “Fringe” train as well. I figured that after abandoning the series last fall, I would give it another chance. And I am very glad I did, I am seriously hooked after only three episodes. Anyways, I’m going to catch up on this season so that I can start fresh in the fall. I never know what shows to invest in as usually the ones I like are slightly offbeat and get canceled, leaving me sad and feeling like I wasted my time. This time though I think it is going to be one that lasts. It reminds me very much of the “X-Files”, minus the aliens. Amazing!Eliza I Love You!
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