7-Eleven Movie Slurpees

May I admit a slight addiction I have….movie tie ins. Mainly the plastic Slurpee cups that 7-Eleven comes out with to promote the summer’s biggest movies. From summers past I have The Simpsons Movie, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk. So far from this summer I have Wolverine in all three styles! I just found out the there will be more cups to promote Terminator: Salvation. The cool part is that they also have limited edition flavours like “Mutant Berry” for Wolverine and “Apocalyptic Ice” for Terminator. The cups are cheap, the drinks are great to beat the summer heat, and I have a reminder of what movies I saw over the summer. Plus, they will forever hold a place in my kitchen serving as an advertising vehicle right in my home. Very cool! Keep up the good work 7-Eleven.
The Slurpees Are Taking Over!

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