Campus Crew

The Old Campus Crew
Does anyone else remember the old Campus Crew? Way back in my Grade 9 days (as in 1998), they were my favorite store. Long before the time of Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and Aerpostale’s entry into Canada, Campus Crew was the place to get all your preppy style collegiate clothing. They seemed to have stores everywhere. They carried a great selection of jeans, t-shirts, polo’s, jackets, accessories ect. Then they disappeared for a while. Now I have noticed they have returned with new stores. My only problem being they don’t sell many things that actually are branded with their logo. It’s mainly licensed apparel from U.S. football teams and colleges such as the Ohio Buckeyes, Florida Gators and Notre Dame. Why can’t they sell their own brand of stuff, and why does the selection suck. Bring back the old Campus Crew!
The New Campus Crew

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